If you are someone that spends a lot of time gardening like me, you are always on the lookout for the best gardening tools. Over the years I’ve tried hard to reduce the amount of “stuff” I have n my garden shed and reduce it down to fewer, quality items that I love using. Gardening gloves are probably one of the most important tools you have, yet these days it’s getting harder and harder to find quality gloves that last and funnily enough gloves that actually do what they are supposed to and help keep your hands “not” dirty. I’ve read hundreds of reviews and wear tested loads of gloves in my own garden and trashed my fair share of gloves too until I found my tried and tested trusty goat leather gloves that do fit “like a glove” and do what they are supposed to do – protect my hands. They might be more expensive than other types of gloves available, but you won’t find yourself buying gloves over and over if you invest in a pair of goat leather gloves that are made specifically to fit women.

Problem with most gloves – you’re still getting dirty hands

Most gloves marketed to women are just a smaller version of men’s gloves, usually too small and tight now allowing for free movement, they aren’t made to fit and perform on women’s hands. I’ve found that many women’s gloves are too big around the hand area and too short in the fingers and end up baggy and full of dirt. Women’s gloves don’t necessarily need to be smaller as many of us have long fingers, they need to be made to fit the shape of our hands and provide for different finger lengths.

Quality is the biggest issue I have found when it comes to gardening gloves. Most I’ve worn over the years quickly wear through the fingertips and do not keep water and dirt out after they have gotten wet and dried a few times over. Many gloves perform great for the first few wears but then quickly become stiff and dry and impossible to do any real gardening tasks that require dexterity. I became so frustrated because I was continually buying new gloves and throwing old ones away that ultimately end up in landfill.

What to look for in gardening gloves – how to “Not” get your hands dirty

When looking for the best gardening gloves specifically made for women you want gloves that wear perfectly, don’t get holes, keep your hands clean even when wet and if look great that’s a bonus too. You want gloves that are a dream to wear so that you look forward to putting them on. Perfect fit, comfortable a flexible feel and more importantly enable great performance and do what they are meant to do, protect your hands!

Made to last – A focus on ‘fewer better things’

The other important aspect for me when it comes to any purchasing any product for my garden or my house is sustainability. You visit the hardware store and see cartons of multi bundles of gardening gloves. They come in multiple packs because they are not meant to last more than a few uses, they are designed to be disposable and they will just end up in landfill. Gardening Gloves, like any other purchase should be made to last and you shouldn’t need to keep replacing them. A little research and time to find the right gloves with the focus on needing fewer things but having better things will not only mean you have gloves that last but that you have less waste and less clutter around the gardening shed with things that you don’t use. Leather gardening gloves are a little more expensive, however being mindful about our purchases and spending a little more on a quality item ultimately means we save money in the long run and create a lot less waste.

Top tips when buying women’s gardening gloves

• Go for leather and preferably goat leather, it’s the strongest type of leather and is fantastic for jobs that involve fine dexterity. Goat leather is eco-friendly, resists thorns and contains natural lanolin oil which not only keeps gloves soft, but over many wears they will mold to the shape of your hands and make wearing them a dream.

• Gloves that utilize eco-friendly and recycled materials for the parts of the gloves other than leather sections. This means the gloves are better for the planet and a more sustainable choice.

• Gloves that are sized specifically to fit the female hand, not just gloves that are a smaller version of a man’s glove. Look for gloves which have options for different finger lengths as this is where the main difference in men’s and women’s hands matters most for the “fit of a glove” feel.

• Gloves that have a wrap-over fingertip design which eliminates seams, as opposed to the seams being at the end of the fingertips will provide better feel and functionality. Wrap-over fingertip seams will be more form fitting and have less of a bulky feeling when you are wearing them. Wrap-over fingertips also helps with durability and longevity of your gloves.

• Gloves with a wider wrist strap as this helps support your wrist and helps with fatigue.

Choosing gardening gloves doesn’t have to be difficult. Putting in a little effort in the beginning to do some research will ultimately save you a lot of time down the track not having to re-purchase gloves. When looking for the best gardening gloves make your selection based on durability and quality and fit, keeping in mind the approach of ‘fewer better things’ and you will have a great pair of gloves that last you through the years.

I really love wearing my goat leather gloves and I know if I look after them I will have them for many years to come. Go get yourself a pair today!

Happy gardening!