If you have a woman in your life that loves gardening, please read on…. Every gardener, no matter their experience level will always have a long list of things they need or would love to have to make their gardening more enjoyable. It might be tools to make their life easier and simpler, protective gear to make gardening more comfortable or those wish list items they just never seem to get around to getting themselves. Whether you are on a budget or want to splurge, we have put together a list of the best gardening gifts ideas for women. We think garden tools should not only be functional but also beautiful, and make each job a pleasure. Here are our top gardening gift ideas for women that they’ll definitely dig!

Give the gift of growing to newbie gardeners

Hand and Nail Care Products

Women who spend a lot of time gardening often find that they experience some combination of the signs that point towards gardeners’ hands, which include dry skin, calluses, cracking skin, rough skin, dirt in cracks and under their nails, and nails that become brittle or split easily. Dirt also takes away moisture from your hands as does the frequent hand washing that usually comes along with pulling weeds and working in the dirt. Additionally, when you use your hands as tools for digging, pulling weeds, hoeing, raking and other gardening tasks, your skin thickens in areas that need more protection when performing these tasks regularly. Hand and nail care products including hand cream and salves, cuticle balms or oils, nail brushes and hand exfoliators will all be frequently used and appreciated by any gardener.

SPF Clothing

Gardeners spend long periods of time outdoors which means sun smart clothing is a must. When looking for the most suitable clothing for gardening, you want to go for high tech sun protection. This means covering up with materials that breathe and have special fabrication. There are many companies that make high tech protective breathable SPF 50 hoodies, long sleeve shirts, pants and hats specific for wear outdoors.

Gardening Clogs

Garden clogs are another fantastic gift idea for the gardener in your life. To have one pair of shoes (that are easy to hose off) that you can have specifically for gardening is an amazing gift. I have ruined so many shoes over the years because I didn’t have garden clogs. There are many styles and colours available, you will be sure to find a pair that the gardener in your life will love.

Compost Bin

A compost bin is a great gift for any gardener. It is not only functional but could also save the gardener in your life quite a bit of money in the long run and help start them on the road to not only recycling their kitchen and garden waste but turning that waste into mineral rich compost to help their gardens grow even more beautiful and healthy. You can also make or buy this gift so there is something to suit all budgets and garden sizes.

Rubber Trug

You might be thinking, “What is a trug?” It is actually a really cool garden tool that makes life a ton easier. A trug is basically a big rubber, flexible basket that is great for hauling harvests or weed. They are one of the most basic and essential items for any gardener and you can always use more than one so they are a great, economical gift choice for a new or novice gardener.

Self-Watering Planter

A self-watering planter can be a life saver. You can go away and not have to worry about your potted plants or stress about coming back to dead plants. Ideal for the patio or indoors there are so may styles and designs available these days with something available to suit all budgets. I don’t think any gardener can ever have too many pots and self-watering pots are even better.

Garden Kneeler

A garden kneeling tool is really awesome. If you’ve ever gardened you know how hard it is on your knees. With a garden kneeler you have a cushion for your knees, a seat to rest, and a way to steady yourself when you are ready to get up. You can also go for a more basic option and just buy a great garden kneeling pad that folds up and is easy to carry around the garden to make any task that requires you to be on the ground comfortable.

Hand-Tool Set

Hand-held gardening tools are very important to any gardener. They include things like the garden trowel or spade to used to plant your seedlings, digging fork for loosening, lifting and turning your soil and round headed shovel, one of the best all round hand tools. These sets are available in loads of different materials and designs, many come with roll up cases or travel cases to make carting and storing them much easier. You can go for a basic, good quality hand tool set for less than $50 or purchase handmade or heirloom sets if you want to splurge on the gardener in your life.


Good quality secateurs are another excellent gift for the gardener. Keeping plants in tip-top shape requires regular pruning to encourage new and better growth in the years to come, as well as to help you shape your plants as they grow. Good quality ergonomic secateurs will be appreciated by any gardener. There are lots of brands and styles available to suit your budget and many companies that now make specific styles for women

Pop-Up Garden Waste Bag

Collapsible garden waste bags, spring up to use, collapse down for easy storage are highly durable, tear resistant and reusable. These bags are so handy to have in the garden, perfect for collecting garden waste and can also be used for storing children’s toys or as a laundry bag.

Dump Pull Cart

A garden cart is an absolutely indispensable garden tool. There will always be things to haul. The more gardening you do, the more things there will be to haul. Think about it, bags of soil, compost, garden tools, plants, weeds, heavy cement garden ornaments—the list goes on. Without a wheelbarrow or garden cart, many gardening chores would not be possible.

Watering Can

Watering cans are a gardener’s friend and something you can never have too many of. Different sizes, colours and designs, indoor and outdoor cans, the list of options is endless. Being able to walk around your garden, watering can in hand and just take in the cool night air after a hot summer day, giving your beautiful plants a drink while you stroll is such a relaxing way to end the day. I think most gardeners enjoy taking in the flowers they work so hard on and a great watering can is part of that process.

Cobrahead Weeding Tool

Cobrahead tools are becoming the favorite of gardeners everywhere. They out work all similar tools. They use a time-proven blade called a cultivating tine. Used as a preferred gardening tool for over a hundred years, the blade makes garden work so much easier. Cobrahead tools plow soils easily, they rip tough clay, they lift out or slices off weeds of all types. They are excellent cultivators and do multiple garden tasks. No gardener should be without one.

Experienced Gardeners – gear for serious green-thumbs

This list includes a few things that even the most experienced gardener will appreciate. We have included items that are not your standard gardening items and many experienced gardeners won’t have these in their kit already.


An Olla is low-fired, clay ceramic vessel used in ancient times the efficient irrigation of crops. The use of ollas (pronounced oh-yahs) can save gardeners time, energy, and water. Ollas are designed primarily for your container or pot garden although it will be equally at home in your small space raised or in-ground garden. Plants watered in this way do not undergo stress cycles due to water and can live and produce longer. Ollas can be a relatively inexpensive way to maximize your garden output while minimizing over watering, runoff, and water loss,

Potting Bench

A potting station is a great gift idea as well. This is a gift option that can be purchased or homemade. Many gardeners find they suffer sore arms and legs after exercising their green thumb, a potting bench can help. Potting benches are freestanding outdoor furniture that often also have sinks and storage space that provide a comfortable, convenient workstation while you’re in the garden.

All-in-One Sharpener

Make work around the yard, garden and home easier, faster and safer by maintaining your tool edges. This handheld sharpener quickly and easily puts a new edge on just about any tool — pruners, loppers, knives, hatchets, scissors, even mower blades. Accommodates single and double bevel blades.

Hori Hori Knife

Hori-Hori garden knife are incredible tools and an indispensable all-purpose garden tool is! It is the ultimate companion in the garden for the avid gardener.

It can dig out the most stubborn of weeds and dig down effortlessly to plant bulbs. And with the saw teeth on the side, it can even saw off branches.

Splurgeworthy gifts for gardeners

If you have a little more to spend on your gift, you can’t go past a weather station or a Vegie Pod for those gardeners that seem to have it all. These are also great gifts if you have more than one person who is able to contribute towards the cost.

Weather station

Nothing can be more important to a gardener than knowing what is going in their garden. Having a weather station will help you plan your gardening activities, know how much to water, when to plant and if you might need to try to avoid frost or wind damage

Vegie Pod

Vegie Pod raised garden beds allow you to have the size of a large raised garden bed with all the benefits on container gardening. They also come with covers that help extend growing seasons and accelerate your plants growth whilst also protecting your plants from animals and pests. Garden Maintenance is minimal and watering is only required during the early stages on plant growth. Vegie Pods make a great gift for anyone that wants to easily grow their own vegetables in a garden that’s big or small.

Gifts for gardeners that are always appreciated are those that are practical, always used, serve a functional purpose or add to their garden landscape. Whether you’re buying a gift for a novice just starting out or experienced gardener who seems to already have it all, there are plenty of choices available that are sure to please.

In coming months we will be reviewing our top three products from each of the categories listed here so stay tuned for more helpful tips on the best gardening gear for women.

Happy Digging!